About Us

We’re a professional LED lighting export enterprises which have industry and trade combination. We orient ourselves as the exporter of excellent quality and provider of complete LED lighting application solutions,It’s widely used in home and house lighting, garden lighting,hotel lighting,architectural lighting, engineering lighting and some other special lighting,etc

Our product range includes lighting fixtures and systems which lend prestige to any space (residential, executive office spaces, retail shops and windows, art galleries, etc

A big part of this exercise is introducing the region to the next-generation of LED lighting products,and energy efficient light fixtures for retail outlets, furniture, villas and hotels.Teamed with an aesthetically pleasant range of outdoor fixtures and dimming and lighting control systems we offer a total palette of products and solutions to meet the needs of a diverse range of projects and customer requirements.

Our specialized team of sales and service engineers are committed to delivering projects on time while keeping with the customer's requirements and budget guidelines.There's always a solution in sight once you reach Dansk-LED-Design


Stensmosevej 24E, DK-2620, Albertslund, Denmark

TEL: +45 60 56 47 47 | INFO@Dansk-LED-Design.DK  | CVR: 3303 4768