Our Team

We have excellent and professional sales team in Denmark,Turkey,Germany etc,also we have an agency in China mainland focused on LED lighting products management and quality control,our products not only focus on the unique design,but also the lights performance and sustainability.that’s the key point your customers care most.you can benefit a long term pay back from Dansk-LED-Design performance and sustainability.

Our Mission:

We have 5 essential aspects to form the foundation of our company:

• Setting up a research and development program to endorse and increase all possible technologies related to LED lighting.

• To determine our position in the market.

• To supply only but the best quality products and even better customer service.

• Have the best internal processes and methods to ensure we have the best relationship with our clients.

• Making sure the staff is innovated, have the best performance and help them build their self development and make sure they work in a considerate yet motivated  company.

Our Values:

The values of Dansk-LED-Design are firmly ensconced in our corporate customs. We promise the following:

• Honesty and fairness in all dealings with clients.

• We only supply quality, as this is the foundation to our company.

• Making sure that when dealing with clients, it is always pleasing, efficient and an overall resourceful experience.


Stensmosevej 24E, DK-2620, Albertslund, Denmark

TEL: +45 60 56 47 47 | INFO@Dansk-LED-Design.DK  | CVR: 3303 4768